Thursday, July 01, 2004

First stage of love for women: COURAGE

courage- mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty

Ladies are sick of men being screw ups. They are tired of men not stepping up to the plate. They are especially tired of men CHEATING(as if we were playing a game). And how do I know this, because that seems to be the new style these days MALE BASHING. So I have committed myself to identifying the labeling of men that has been going on due to the new girl power movement. So sit back and enjoy the journey towards LOVE without the misinterpretation and excessive bashing. This journey begins with the women.
The first stage of love for women is COURAGE. This is the first stage because this is the initial phase where women begin to get to know a new man. They have to put all their baggage behind them and start again. If they have been hurt it is difficult for them to move on and begin again. Anytime a woman meets a man and attempts a new beginning, fear kicks in. If they have had a consecutive streak of losers and no good men, then she may become bitter and disappointed. To overcome this fear a women has to have great mental and moral conviction.

Now some people might ask, why isn't courage the first stage for men. A characteristic such as courage is not a man or woman thing. However, in nature and life there are some things that are naturally occurring in each gender that is not in the other. Courage is one characteristic that is naturally occurring in men(or it should be) but a necessary component for women if they want to find real happiness with a potential mate for the future. A man is naturally courageous because when it comes to a relationship with a woman his fear and internal conflict is not the ability to persevere, but more so the difficult decision of SETTLING down with one woman. So while a man is struggling with the possible reality of not having thousands of women, a women has to toil with the constant feeling of being disappointed. Disappointment due to making consistent bad decisions in choosing a man. To pick up the pieces despite this disappointment is nothing more then courage. A courage that builds strong women and separates them from women that complain about being lonely and bash men for chasing other women. There is nothing more appealing then a woman that displays courage time after time.

And it is my view that these type of rare COURAGEOUS women are the ones that can snatch a man at will, while the non-courageous women are left behind by themselves wondering what they did wrong. The answer. YOU MIGHT HAVE DONE EVERYTHING WRONG, BUT THE PATH TO LOVE INVOLVES EXERTING YOUR ABILITY TO PERSEVERE THROUGH ALL THE WRONGS AND MISTAKES AND KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE. AND THAT PRIZE IS YOUR NATURAL BORN RIGHT TO BE HAPPY WITH THE OPPOSITE SEX.


Anonymous said...

I'll keep checking for more excerpts. I'm waiting with great anticipation. The words written are oh so true, and they will help many gain the strength to love themselves before attempting to love someone else.

Anonymous said...

very good reading.....i am wondering what format will u present the book (non-fiction, fiction, novel, blk novel, etc). you seem to be a renaissance man....very nice.

keep me posted on its release date......i would love 2 read the rest of your thoughts on love relationships.


Anonymous said...

Why are women angry?
People call women emotional. Maybe because we feel so deeply is the reason we are so angry at black men right now. Women have been forced to become hard. By necessity we have had to make our own way. Is that the blackman fault? Where was my prince in shining armor when I needed him?. That fairy tale life was just that , a fairy tale. There dont seem to be enough prince charmings these days to go around, and we are tired of kissing all those frogs. We are looking for men that have already gotten there act together, Right ladies?. Men that are through with the game playing and are ready to come straight. Sure we can survive by ourselves, but man and woman are meant to be together to be a part of each other. AT least that is what our desires tell us if we are not in denial.
It use to be women didnot have to deal with all the stress of the world and the stresses at home too. women have been forced to change because we want to be a deciding force in this world. we want to make decision about what is right for us. as a result we dont get enough rest, enough nuturing, or peace. Stress makes you feel tired, weighed down and angry.
also we have not had a lot of time to devote to the mechanics of relationships and men. Most women are too busy trying to survive and raise their children to become good productive citizens most of the time with not much help from thier fathers. Because some men haven't gotten it yet, that their presence or absence in thier children lives has an influence for good or bad.
When we meet a man he should be able to contribute and make things better that we think is what his first role of leadership should be. But is that the way it works out. NO, he wants us to follow his lead, his ideas and his dreams. Well first what is your track record 0 and 0, Give me a break. Let's face it the world is a play ground for men and we are not playing anymore. Am I angry? Yes Iam angry and damn tired of it. So Mister before you step to me you had better come correct or not come at all or you WILL get your feelings hurt. SISTA is on a mission.