Saturday, July 03, 2004

Second stage of love for women: GRATITUDE

gratitude- the state of being grateful : THANKFULNESS
grateful- 1 a : appreciative of benefits received b : expressing
2 a : affording pleasure or contentment : PLEASING b : pleasing by reason of comfort supplied or discomfort alleviated

ladies are you constantly giving men the ATM card to your heart, just to have them withdraw all of the funds. Sick of going to the bank just to discover that there are less and less of your emotional deposits left in your joint checking account? Are you working hard every day investing your mind, body and soul into your relationship(business) and the next thing you know the house that love has built has been foreclosed on. If you are a lesbian, single and lonely, or just plain ANGRY AS HELL; then ladies that means your GRATITUDE bank account has been deleted. It means that you have given a man(or many men) the ATM card to your heart and he(they) have spent until their hearts content. They have exhausted all your reserves from the joint checking account that you called LOVE. It means you are constantly working overtime to replenish your mind, body and soul, just to find that some man has left your spiritual savings OVER DRAWN.

Well then, that bitterness and need to male bash that you feel is caused by the male gender and his reckless spending habits can now be blamed on the "cloud of GRATITUDE". You now have a right to strike back against the culprit that has caused you turmoil. That culprit is GRATITUDE. Other wise known as the second stage of love for women. This is the stage of love that can make you rejoice at the fact that you have a relationship(bank account) or leave you standing by yourself wishing you had over draft protection. Gratitude is the place where women feel pleasure and contentment for their man because courage has shown them that they can pursue and find the mate of their choice. Its a rewarding feeling that comes from knowing that you can find what you are looking for without having to be a person that you could never become. Unfortunately, this feeling of pleasure and contentment is all to often clouded when a women's courageous acts of boldly pursuing the man of her dreams becomes disillusioned when she finds the man has not met her expectations. After all the mental and emotional preparations of picking up the pieces of past breakups and putting down the baggage, WHAM, another disappointment comes to knock you out of your fantasy. Next thing you know those good old voices come into your head saying that "you should have known better" or "I keep trying and trying and I keep ending up with the same prospects" and the classic "I am better off by myself".

These voices are no more then the screams of ingratitude lurking to whisk you away from the state of being pleased and appreciative. Being appreciative of the fact that each relationship no matter how bad or unsuccessful is a LESSON IN LOVE. A sign showing you that there were things that you didn't know about yourself. Natures way of putting things in perspective for you to really prepare yourself for the partner that you constantly do crazy things in life to capture. Making you question yourself as to whether or not you can persevere and possibly continue going through heartache after heartache until your are at peace with yourself and appreciate what you went through? Or will you remain bitter and do things that you normally wouldn't because of a so called heart break? If you chose the second then you are a "victim of GRATITUDE"(INGRATITUDE) instead of a dweller within it. If a women can't get past this second stage of love, then all things that appear to be love will always end up in disillusionment and repressed feelings that will grow and cover all aspects of your life until you snap out of it and realize that LOVE is always a journey, and never a destination. And along that destination, GRATITUDE is the pit stop where you refuel and replenish yourself to prepare for the unexpected.

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