Thursday, September 18, 2008

Love-The 5th Stage

What do you or I know about Love? That is the question my wife asks me as I tell her I am about write the final stage of love for women. So I figured I would start this blog off with that question. So what qualifies me to write about love? The first thing I believe qualifies me is the fact that I am human being. And being a human being I have what all human beings have. EMOTIONS! Now even cold hearted, evil and mean spirited people have emotions. Even if some emotions may be negative or misguided. Second, as human beings we had to have been conceived. And the act of conception to some degree involved feelings and emotions whether it was on a deeper or superficial level. The act of conception just by the sheer nature of the act implies sharing. And the very definition of share means a person or group allocates or contributes something. To contribute something even if it is unwilling and/or non-intentional contribution enters an individual into a relationship. And the nature of all relationships, most importantly human relationships, bonding or the fact that we are all connected. In order to exist two human beings had to connect and become one. They had to bond and unite. From that unification was born a whole new being. That unification is Sharing. As we ponder this almighty question so far we have discovered is that one thing Love is on the human level is sharing.

Sharing is amongst the highest forms of Love.

When you share you are practicing love. Sharing is how human beings contribute to the well being of each other. To share is communicate a message of love. To communicate that there is a piece of myself that that needs or wants to merge with a piece of you. Within the practice of sharing is communication. Communication, the sharing of information and data on all levels is a more technical and most times overlooked form of sharing. When my wife asked that important question of me and the fact that I pondered it and chose to write about is communication. When people read this and think about and take it further and comment about it that is communication. And by definition, communication is the exchange of ideas, thoughts and feelings from one party to another. In other words communication is the exchange or giving of pieces of oneself to another and vice versa. To share is to communicate. And when we communicate we express love.

Communication is the medium which human beings can use to practice Sharing.

So for the first part of the 5th stage of love, I will give an equation for those that are confused by these words, or are so unfeeling that they can't relate to emotions but can mostly relate to facts.


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