Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Role of Money In a Relationship

What is the role of money in a relationship? If a father is working hard and busting his ass to provide for his family by working 40 or more hours a week to bring home the bacon, but barely has time to spend with his wife and children, is that a real relationship? Maybe if every one stared making money and sacrificed time spent and real live one on one bonding, families would be better off. It seems that in this country, and maybe even other parts of the world the ability to keep a relationship together is severely dependant on material stability. If that's the case maybe we should bring our credit reports and business proposals on our first dates. I can see it now. A romantic dinner filled with stimulating conversation about our last paycheck and how easily we got the rent paid on time.Ooohhhh yeah your credit report is so sexy, I love the way your 800 credit score just shines so bright on your credit report.

Another suggestion! Instead of getting married in churches maybe everybody should get married in banks and walk down the aisle with fresh loan applications and atm cards so the bridesmaids and groomsmen have something special to look forward to when it is their time to shine. Even better, instead of hugging our children, telling them I love you and nurturing their development I suggest we replace the hugs with visa cards and iphones so we can prepare them for the real world and let them know that happiness with that special person is right around the corner if and only if you keep that bank account high. To be continued.........

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